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Copper Gazebo: Make the Most of Your Garden
There are several different styles of gazebos. A gazebo that is made entirely out of copper tends to have a more delicate and elegant look then other styles and can be placed anywhere within a garden setting. Like a trellis, a copper gazebo will truly enhance the beauty of your garden. The purpose of a copper gazebo is to train plants to grow along the sides so that you will eventually find yourself sitting underneath the shade of leaves and flowers, eliminating the need for a roof. Many people opt for this style of gazebo and copper provides the perfect material. It is strong and durable. It contains properties such as algaecide and fungicide, meaning that it will not deteriorate under the weight of plants, and will also fight off moss. As this style of gazebo is a freestanding structure and essentially a frame, it is important that the material is substantial and can withhold the weight of the plants that will be growing around it, even when they are wet. Therefore, copper is without a doubt the most logical material.
Copper can also be used as a roofing material for more traditional gazebos. By using copper for the roof on your gazebo, it is possible to get more creative in the design. Copper is a material that can be mended in a variety of different fashions. Therefore, Copper Works Canada can increase your selection in roofing. Copper allows you to make a personal statement as it can be adorned with decorative ornaments such as weathervanes. As it ages, copper changes color to a beautiful green-blue patina that cannot be replicated by any other material. This is the perfect color for a garden setting, or any other part of your property.
As a gazebo is outside, it is important that it is constructed with the most weather resistant material. Copper can withstand all the harsh elements of the Canadian climate including snow and toxic rain. A copper roof can support heavy weights, should something fall on the roof of your gazebo. Copper is not prone to rust or corrosion and has a long lifespan of up to 100 years. Your investment will be fully protected and choosing copper will save the money that would have otherwise gone to repairs or replacement. Finally, a copper roof will provide even more comfort during a hot summer day as copper reflects light, rather then absorbs it. The space within your gazebo will be that much cooler simply because your roof is made with copper.
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